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Sandra Robles

President Director and Principal





Sandra Robles  is a successful entrepreneur in the several busines sector. She has over 15 years experience in developing  businesses in Real Estate and many more.

In 2015, Sandra Robles was invited to join the board of UNIC SSR Jakarta. As a President Director,  she always support and concern for education development. Through UNIC SSR Jakarta, Sandra has initiated several innovative programs especially on Marketing Department and Academic with several local and international events to support achivement of the Creative Media Industry in Indonesia.



Saeid Mimejad
Academic Director and Audio Tutor





Saeid Mirnejad (Vice Academic Director and Audio Lecturer in SSR Jakarta), Graduated as bachelor of Computer Engineer and Sound Engineering in Iran Universities. Saeid has over 18 years of studio experience, having worked as a record producer and sound engineer in Rasht and Tehran, He was also sound Engineer in Radio and TV, Administrator of Nodal, Head of Technical Support for more than 30 Studios, Lecturer In IRIB (Broadcast University) and MFT (Tehran Technical institute) in Iran. He has so many experience about FOLEY and there are so many films, 3D Movies and series that he has made their Audio Tracks and Foley.Working with famous Singers and Music bands in Iran like Naser Masoudi, Javad Yasari, Abbas Ghaderi, Noori and OzrKhah have maked good Experience in his Job. Throughout his career, Saeid has been chosen as the Best Producer in International 100 Seconds Film Festival (2012) and 2 other local Radio and Music Festivals in his own country.




Benediktus Yudistira
Head of Audio and Audio Tutor





Benediktus graduated with a Bachelor of Audio Production from SAE Institute Sydney. He was an Audio Production Assistant at Hillsong, Sydney, and also a Sound Coordinator at CIC Sydney. He also worked as Audio Crew at Fairchild Multimedia Pty Ltd, Sydney Australia.During the weekend, he is the Sound and Logistic Person In Charge at imagoDei Indonesia. Every year, he is a speaker for the Sound Workshop Seminar at imagoDei Indonesia.Benediktus has a passion for teaching audio engineering and sharing his knowledge, skills, and experiences. He is eager for helping students to become better audio engineers in the industry.




Yoga Raditya
Audio Tutor





Yoga graduated from Studio 21 David Klein in 2006. Yoga has more than nine years experience in Audio Production, is the Owner and Founder of MusicLabs std Jakarta, and a guitarist, recording, mixing and mastering engineer for Melanie Subono and Anda Perdana for the song Dia Sahabat.Yoga was also recording engineer for Morfem, Lala Karmela's Between Us album in 2012, Stereocase, Roman Foot Soldier and Negative Lovers for Sinjitos Records. He is also recording engineer for Bunga,Ray D’Sky, Daddy and The Hot Tea, and Syaharani.




Angelo Renaldo
Audio Tutor





Audio TutorAngelo Renaldo is an Audio Lecturer and audio practitioner. He wants to make better standard of Audio Industry in Indonesia by becoming an Audio Lecturer. Angelo graduated from SAE Institute Perth with a Diploma in Audio Production in 2011 and also gained a Bachelor of Marketing Management from IBII in 2006.He believe his education background will give him a benefit for his work as a lecturer.





Batara Swandita
Audio Tutor





Batara gained an Audio Engineering Diploma at SAE Singapore in 2004. He have a skill set of experience for more than 12 years in the Audio Engineering industry. He is also the Founder and Owner of Zetnik Studio Recording. Batara has a desire to work in the Audio Engineering field from Studio Production until Live Sound Engineering. Batara joined SSR Jakarta in 2014 as an Audio Engineering Lecturer and the Head of Audio Engineering Techniques & Technology (AETT) course.




Dhani Agustinus
Head of Film Course





Dhani gained a Bachelors Degree from Jakarta Arts Institute in 2004, majoring in Film Study. He got a scholarship to continue his Master Degree in University Paris 3, France in 2008, majoring in Film Distribution. Dhani has made some short documentaries; Paris Dream, Paris Dream Continued and Restaurant Indonesia, for which he won Best Documenter at the Festival Documenter Jogjakarta 2008.
In 2007, he was selected to participate in a 2 month documentary summer course in La Femis, the most prestigious Film School in France.He also works in film promotion for films including Babies, Lourdes, Home and Oceans for 21 Cineplex.
In January 2011 he was invited by the USA State Department to study in the film industry for 3 weeks in America.Since 2004, he works at Jakarta Arts Institute as a lecturer and in 2010 also taught at the Binus International Film School. He wrote some Film and Audio Visual articles for INA Global web, based in France and also continues to write articles about Indonesian cinema for a publisher in France.




Patrick Tashadian
Film Course Leader





Patrick has over 10 years of Film experience, having worked as a Producer and Cinematographer in New York for an Asian-American TV Network, and a graduate from the New York Film Academy. Creating content such as variety shows, sitcoms and stand up comedy that have paved illustrious careers (Russell Peters, Ken Jeong, Aziz Ansari etc…).His body of work has consisted of working with great talents in the fields of Music Videos and Commercials. He can be accredited for his cinematography for such clients as Toyota, Gudang Garam, Yamaha, Garuda Airlines, Red Bull, Nokia, Philips, and artists like Talib Kweli, Ice T, Justin Young, Aura Kasih, NOAH and many others. Patrick will be managing the Digital Film Program and is thrilled to share his industry experience in fostering the SSR students to become the ideal industry professional.




Anthonius Moudy Y
Film Course Tutor





Anthonius MY. has over 15 years experience in broadcasting, video and multimedia production.Most of his experience is making the product for marketing tools's need and creative concepts for corporate promotions such as; video presentation, interactive applications and viral marketing - website.Had background education at the Academy of Broadcasting (AKMRTV), multimedia courses, and cinematography PPHUI, which has enabled him to give satisfaction to major clients such as: Agung Podomoro Group, Pudjiadi Group Tbk., PT Bakrie Group, The Bellezza, Permata Hijau Residence, Grand Indonesia, PT Plaza Indonesia, Kempinski Residences, Elextrolux, Departemen Pekerjaan Umum etc.In the growing era of television, he has also been involved in the production of TV programs such as; Kamera Ketawa, on RCTI in 1996, KomiK (Klip Komedi Unik) on TVRI in 2000, and X-tra, majalah udara pria on SCTV in 2002. Since 2015, he joined the SSR Jakarta as Film Tutor (editing) and also headed the production department for company's future business development program.




Alfan Setyawan
Vice Animation Course Leader





Alfan Setyawan graduated with a masters degree from the Institute of Art Indonesia, majoring in the Study of Art. Alfan is the vice course leader and lecturer in Animation at SSR Jakarta.





Toni Hariyanto
Animation Tutor





Toni Hariyanto graduated from Trisakti University majoring in Landscape Architecture. He has a been known internationally as 'God of Pencil' and has gained recognition for his achievements and drawing skills. From 2013, Toni joined SSR Jakarta as an Animation Lecturer





Yehezkiel Litbagay
Game Tutor





Yehezkiel Litbagay was graduated from Institut Teknologi Harapan Bangsa in Bandung with Bachelor Degree of Electrical Telecommunication. He started to work at SSR Jakarta in 2015 as Game Tutor. He experienced in mobile game development. He loves to playing futsal and chess, reading, and programming.






Elric Moningka
Business Development and Academic Officer





Elric graduated from Bina Nusantara University majoring in Information Systems. He joined SSR Jakarta in 2012 as Academic Administration & Marketing staff.Elric also has experience as a studio assistant at SSR Jakarta for few months. Bringing his enthusiasm for music for any genre, film and animation, Elric currently works in the Business Development team.



Fasha Fahrezi
Marketing ( Event and BTL Activity )





Fasha Graduated from Trisakti Tourism and Hotel University, spending his carrier in marketing fields in any Industry most of in Agency Advertising and Media, have a interest in Creative Media that’s the reason he joint in the SSR Jakarta.



Rianita B.
Marketing Administration





Nita was graduated from  STIKOM INTERSTUDI majoring communication visual . She  has experience in teaching for 2 years as an art teacher,  And has experience  also as a marketing  at  school.  She lIkes reading  and networking.  



Milan Saefudin
Marketing Support Assitant





Milan graduated from Local Elementary School, Pekuncen and he started his career as Office Assistant from 2011 until 2013. During end of 2013, Milan was promoted to Marketing Assistant at SSR Jakarta.





Melania Dewi Wulandari
Head of General Affairs





Dewi Wulandari graduated from UPI- YAI with a Bachelors Degree in Public Relations. She started her career at SSR Jakarta as Head of General Affair. Dewi loves to cook, especially western and Chinese food.





Mahmud Samsuhaji
General Affairs Supervisor





Aji graduated from Widyasana High School and started to work at SSR Jakarta in 2011 as General Affairs Supervisor. He loves to participate in sport, especially Badminton.   




Hana Budidharma
Human Resources  





Hana Budidharma is Bachelor of Psychology and graduated from Atma Jaya University, majoring in Clinical Psychology.Hana joined SSR Jakarta as part of our Human Resource Development staff and she contributes to the recruitment process and monitoring for SSR Jakarta staff.In the future, Hana wishes to continue her studies in Psychology majoring and to own a clinic as a Psychologist.    





Felliks Varianta
Head of Technical Support





Felliks was an audio student at SSR in 2012. Before enrolled as a student, he worked as an in house engineer in a sound system rental company, he was also part-timer as a system engineer and FOH engineer in various concert. Felliks continue to work freelance at SSR as a mixing engineer at Indonesian idol rehearsal. After completed the study, felliks progressed through the company as a fulltime member as Studio Assistant, IT staff and currently as a Head of Technical Support. With his skill, passion and experience, felliks helps the academic as a tutor on PA System Design and SMAART audio analyzer. He is also able to handle problems and issues in troubleshooting a studio acoustic design, electricity, basic until advanced analog and digital mixing console and the live audio systems. Beside SSR, Felliks also an audio consultant and founder of Fixl Sound Technology specialize in a 3D audio development.  





IT Staff





Pedro is an Information Technology staff at UNIC SSR Jakarta. He loves to play music such as guitar and drum. He ever become a part of IT Development team to created well testing system program during 2014 until 2015.  Pedro still continue his bachelor degree study at Bina Sarana Informatika (BSI) with Information Technology as his major. 





Office Boy





Fahmi is a part of Office Boy at UNIC SSR Jakarta. He loves to play football and always support his favorite football club, Arsenal. In the future, he wants to become a businessman in food industry.





Office Boy





Fani is a part of Office Boy at UNIC SSR Jakarta. He has been working in here since 2014 and he enjoy his job very much. He likes to playing football and watching movie during his free time. In the future, he wants to become a football player.

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