AVID Certified Professional for Indonesia (2 dari 3 pemegang sertifikat adalah SSR Jakarta Lecture)
Audio Short Course
Game Programing


This Bachelor of Science (Honours) degree, validated by the University of Central Lancashire, is designed to develop a broad range of industry-specific skills to offer the greatest opportunity for employability ...


This comprehensive course uses the format of the music video and short film to deliver all the necessary skills for video production in any given genre. The course starts with ...


Duration : 36 Months Hours of Study : 4 X 3 hour weeklylectures per week plus individual study Qualification(S) : SSR Advanced Diploma Location : SSR Jakarta Course Starts : September / March Classes ...


"Although I've been producing and performing music. I still need to learn about the basic audio-directing and the workflow to clear the steps in producing audio more effectively".

By : Teddy "DJ Teezy". EMP Student
Illustration Class
Film for Kids

Work shop 27th June with Tunas Bangsa High school-sunter

This is a great level of teaching time. Just check it out. Program : Audio Recording at GS-R24 with Ben / Angelo Program : Audio EMP at iMac suite 2 with Yoga Raditya Program : Film Production at Green room with Patrick Program : Animation at iMac suite 1 ...

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