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Audio Short Course
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Music Technology (MT)

Duration                                : 6 Months
Hours of Study                      : 2 X 3 hour lectures per week plus practical time
Qualification(S)                    : SSR Diploma 
Location                                 : SSR Jakarta
Course Starts                         : September / March
Classes Run                           : Morning, Afternoon or Evening
Entry Requirements             : Recognition of prior learning, “O” level equivalent


Music Technology is an introductory course covering the basics of studio recording. This course is ideal for the home recording enthusiast or as a foundation for students who wish to go onto further study.

Combining theory with a vast amount of practical time, the course provides a fundamentals knowledge of how to record music in studio environments. The course covers a range of subjects including microphone techniques, mixing desks and multitrack recording using current industry specific software. No prior knowledge or experience is required as the course teaches from a beginner’s level.

As a stepping stone to further studio-based training, Music Technology provides an excellent platform on which graduates can build their knowledge and skills. Alternatively, the course can be beneficial to bands and musicians who wish to learn more about the recording process and the studio environment.

Work shop 27th June with Tunas Bangsa High school-sunter

This is a great level of teaching time. Just check it out. Program : Audio Recording at GS-R24 with Ben / Angelo Program : Audio EMP at iMac suite 2 with Yoga Raditya Program : Film Production at Green room with Patrick Program : Animation at iMac suite 1 ...

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