AVID Certified Professional for Indonesia (2 dari 3 pemegang sertifikat adalah SSR Jakarta Lecture)
Audio Short Course
Game Programing
Audio Technology (Full Course)

Duration                                 : 12 Months
Hours of Study                     : 2 X 3 hour weekly lectures per week
Qualification(S)                    : UNIC Certification
Location                                 : SSR Jakarta
Course Starts                       : April / October
Classes Run                          : Morning & Afternoon
Entry Requirements            :


Module Detail :


Audio Teknologi - Dasar
Recording Chain
Principles Of Sounds
Mixing Desk
Patch Bay, Cables and Connectors
 Recording Drums
Pro Tools 101
Band Recording
Audio Teknologi - Menengah
Dynamic Controllers
Reverb & Delay FX
Mixing Technique
Studio Maintenance
Icon Recording
Pro Tools 110
Audio Teknologi - Mahir
Synthesis Technique
Sound Manipulation And Creation
Beat Detective And Elastic Audio
Acoustic Recording
Live Mic’ing
Live Processing

Work shop 27th June with Tunas Bangsa High school-sunter

This is a great level of teaching time. Just check it out. Program : Audio Recording at GS-R24 with Ben / Angelo Program : Audio EMP at iMac suite 2 with Yoga Raditya Program : Film Production at Green room with Patrick Program : Animation at iMac suite 1 ...

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