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UNIC SOFTWARE - Final Cut Pro X (Special Course)



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Location                                  : SSR Jakarta
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    Module Detail:

         Exploring the Final Cut Pro X Interface

  • Exploring the interface.
  • Using menus and shortcuts.
  • Viewing and sorting Events.
  • Skimming clips and changing views.
  • Creating projects & Events.
  • Viewing projects in the Timeline.


  • Importing media into an Event.
  • Importing folders as Keyword Collections.
  • Analysing and correcting imported clips.
  • Importing from a camera.
  • Importing from the Files & Folders.

        Organizing Clips in an Event

  • Adding keywords to clips.
  • Assigning multiple keywords to clips.
  • Rating, sorting and searching clips.
  • Creating Smart Collections.

        Building a Rough Cut

  • Creating a new project.
  • Marking clips In/Out.
  • Appending &Inserting clips in the Timeline.
  • Arranging clips in the Magnetic Timeline.
  • Changing edited clips.
  • Connecting clips to the primary storyline.

         Fine‐tuning a Rough Cut

  • Using markers.
  • Connecting clips to the primary storyline.
  • Overwriting and replacing clips.
  • Auditioning clips in the project.

        Adding to the Primary Storyline

  • Duplicating a project.
  • Removing clip selections and Inserting gaps.
  • Understanding the Trim Tool.
  • Trimming with precision.




Duration                                  :
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Qualification(S)                    :
Location                                  : SSR Jakarta
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      Module Detail :

        Applying Transitions

  • Applying a video transition.
  • Using the Transitions Browser.
  • Modifying transitions.
  • Changing transition parameters in the Inspector.
  • Compound clips, and exploring audio transitions.

         Working with Titles, Generators and Themes

  • Creating Titles.
  • Adding a lower third.
  • Modifying titles.
  • Adding scrolling credits.
  • Working with video generators.
  • Using themes.

         Working with Sound

  • Adjusting audio in the Timeline.
  • Adding music and sound effects.
  • Adjusting levels in the Audio Inspector.
  • Loudness & Equalization Technics.
  • Creating audio fades.
  • Applying audio effects.
  • Recording a narration track.
  • Correcting problem audio.

         Retiming and Transforming Clips

  • Understanding Motion Properties.
  • Speed‐change clips.
  • Creating holds and variable speed segments.
  • Applying preset speed effects.
  • Transforming an image.




Duration                                :
Hours of Study                     :
Qualification(S)                    :
Location                                 : SSR Jakarta
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